Dermal filler

Young female with contoured cheeks defined jawline and flawless skin

Dermal Fillers are the most versatile treatment.  They are a range of hyaluronic acid facial fillers, with a smooth gel formulation. The gel is injected under the skin using an ultra fine needle or cannula. The gel fills lines and wrinkles and adds subtle volume.  They can also be used to sculpt and change the appearance of the face.


Results can last up to 18 months dependent on the treatment area.


Dermal Fillers have added lidocaine (anesthetic) which makes the treatment more comfortable. Numbing cream is also applied before all dermal filler treatments.

Treatment areas include:

  • Lips

  • Cheeks

  • Nose to mouth lines

  • Mouth to chin lines

  • Jawline

  • Chin

  • Nose (non-surgical rhinoplasty)

  • Tear Trough

Dermal fillers are semi permanent and dissolve naturally over time, it can also be dissolved if necessary.